About us

Smart Space Group has been formed at the end of 2010 by the group of friends as a result of their passion for technology, particularly the one that makes your life easier. Things like high quality audio and video, multi room applications, control systems, home automation are the things we love to play with, develop and implement in beautifully designed environments.

Someone once said that this passion helps to solve first world problems! But in fact, we see so much more in this. Apart from the passion to enjoy the high quality music and video coupled with the ease of use, we see the future as more and more reliant on the control systems and the whole house integration.

Just the two main reasons for that are:

  • growing need for sustainability and energy efficiency
  • growing need for technology assisted living

We want to do our bit to help the society evolve and incorporate the last two. Joining the fun bit with the serious bit, we can help the planet and the society and we look forward to the future optimistically!