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Smart Space Group offers a complete range of services with regards to Smart Homes. Usually, we start with in depth analysis of the client’s needs to be able to propose a solution that meets your needs. But we do not stop there. Whenever possible, we strive to offer solutions that will make your home, office or building future proof. We can do this thanks to an extensive knowledge and understanding of the current market and technology and understanding the future trends.

Following the initial consultation, our usual service consists of the following:

- Detailed design
- Coordination and testing of structured cabling installation
- Equipment supply and installation
- Commissioning and presentation
- Maintenance and support

Our top competence is integration. Simply speaking – if it is (or can be) controlled electrically, we can integrate it into one control system! Our second main competence is structured wiring. You can think about the cables as the veins and arteries of the integrated, future ready homes. They provide the connectivity between all the equipment that make your home integration possible. You will almost certainly have wireless network implemented as well, but it only offers limited possibilities when it comes to bandwidth and reliability.

The goal is to create a bespoke system, tailor made to your needs,that is reliable and easy to use.

We can provide you with the following systems below:

- Structured Wiring
- Multi Room Audio & Video Systems
- Home Cinema Room
- High End Hi-Fi
- Lighting Control
- Home Systems Integration
- Blinds & Curtains
- Alarm Systems integration
- Lifts & Motors
- Door Entry
- Intercom
- Heating and Air Conditioning control
- Telephone Systems
- Internet, Data & Computer Networks
- Building Management Systems (BMS)

We take on board every aspect of your project and work with all contractors and consultants to maximise the potential of the project. The ultimate goal is your satisfaction. We will put every effort to agree each and every detail of the interior design, furniture arrangement and intended use of each space so that they are just how you imagined them. At the early stages we create detailed drawings for architects and building contractors so everyone (including you!) is on the same page when discussing the details. We also leave you with a full set of O&M documentation so that anyone can pick it up and understand the system after we finished.

If you are a developer of a multiple dwelling scheme, we can help you create an additional unique selling point and maximise the value of your investment by offering bespoke systems to each dwellings. Following the design of the structured cabling, the end user / homeowner can choose from a matrix of subsystems that he or she would like to have installed. The end result could be a fully integrated house or apartment made to suit individual preferences.

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