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If you are looking for the total convenience utilising the most modern technology that will help to maximise the comfort of your space – look no further. We can deliver the complete set of integrated systems that will make your home intelligent. By providing a control system we can deliver an easy to use, intuitive solution that will:

– Provide you with the beautiful, scene base lighting;
– Integrate blinds and curtains providing ease of control and convenience at any time of the day;
– Provide a secure environment with CCTV and alarm with remote monitoring and automated notifications;
– Give you the control over the heating and cooling making the house more comfortable and energy efficient;
– Provide with fast and reliable wired and wireless internet throughout the property;
– Enjoy multi-room audio and video at any location you like;
– Automate all the devices and tasks that can minimise the things you need to worry about;
– Integrate green energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines.

This are just the examples that can make your home fully integrated and smart. They will not only make your life more comfortable, but ultimately can help you save energy and money as well!

Please contact us for more details and we can propose the right mix of systems for your space.

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