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Smart Space Group is an engineering company. This is why we can easily understand the needs and working practices of all the Mechanical, Electrical and Building Contractors. In fact, we will work and liaise closely with them at any project to achieve the best results. At the end, we have the same goal – to achieve the Client’s satisfaction within the timescale and to budget!

There are a number of services we can offer directly to Building and M&E Contractors such as:

Complete turn-key package
We can design, supply, install and commission a complete package based on your budget and specification. This is great for developers that know what they want but have a budget and timescale to keep.

We can advise you on the technology and solution available for specific project, attend the meetings with your Clients on your behalf, propose complete solutions and packages and help overcome constraints or problems related to specific design, building methods and other services within the building.

M&E Specification Advice and Quotation
We can work with any M&E Specification to advice and specify the system to integrate all the electrical systems. We can work with you to make sure everything fits together and meets both the Client’s needs as well as building regulations.

Development packages
We can produce the specification to offer a number of options for each individual apartment or office within a multiple dwelling development. This can help you maximise the value of the development as well as create additional unique selling point to differentiate your development from others. Systems can vary from apartment to apartment or between office spaces so that the end customer can choose based on their liking and budget.

Future proofing the property
We can advise, design and implement structural cabling in a way that the property will be “future proofed” for technology for the years to come. The end customer does not need to decide for installation of any of the technology at the moment but will know that his property can be improved in the future and the value will be maximised if he was to resell in the future.

We can use architectural and technical drawings to overlay any element of technology, design specific positions (e.g. speakers, cables, cinema seating and screens, etc) so that they form a complete package for your project.

Tender assistance
We can help you prepare tenders to other technology companies acting as impartial subject matter expert, create clear tender specification and winning criteria, check and evaluate the tenders and then monitor and assess the contractor’s performance.

We can assess and certify the buildings with regards to Structured Cabling and their fit for purpose and future readiness. We are one of only the few companies in the UK that can issue Structure Cabling Cedia Certificates.

Lighting consultation and control system design
We can consult and help you implement the lighting system that will create the extra WOW! factor and great ambience, as well as achieving energy saving and a number of great functionality, such as holiday modes, integration with alarms, all On / Off functionality, automatic incorporation of daylight saving time changes and many others.

Sustainability and Energy Saving
At Smart Space group, we understand the importance of creating sustainable and eco-friendly spaces. With the right design and technology integration we can help you minimise the environmental impact. Systems such as dimmable lighting control, heating and cooling integration and control of all the technology can reduce the overall energy consumption and minimise the carbon footprint and bills for your Client.

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