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How we work – Our Promise

We have all been there, constantly calling late contractors, upset about soaring costs and receiving inferior service to what we thought we signed up to!

This is why we operate with A Promise – a clear and concise contract is a Promise to You – Our Customer that you will get what you wanted and paid for!

We are very proud at Smart Space Group from our approach to project delivery. Being trained and keen on appropriate project management philosophy, we are highly regarded by our customers for clear communication, involvement with all parties and hassle free execution. Every project has a direct directors’ level supervision and we do not shy from implementing appropriate physical asset management methodologies.

Our typical project will consist of the following (all forming our overall Promise):

1. Consultation

We meet with You and take the clear brief of what you want to achieve
We translate that brief into clear Needs Analysis, that becomes a part of the contract
Based on the Needs Analysis, we prepare a full quote for you
If you are happy, we sign the Contract

2. Design

- At the early stage of the project, we prepare detailed design, this will include all the necessary drawings (e.g. overlay of architectural drawings with structured cabling, provide drawings of equipment we are going to install, provide load schedules and electricians)
- We prepare a clear plan and agree it with you and other involved parties, such as architect, building contractor, M&E consultants, interior designer
- We discuss all elements of our work with all involved parties to avoid misunderstandings and achieve the best result, attend any meeting necessary to resolve any issues or work around the constraints that often arise during the project

3. Installation

- Following the design and supply of the structured cabling, we test all the cables before the walls are closed to avoid any issues when the equipment is put in
- Once the site is ready for us (most of the equipment can only be put in once the most dusty works are finished) we deliver and install all of the equipment; usually the systems are pre-built and tested off site to avoid any surprises on site and minimise the time we occupy your property
- Following the installation, everything is tested and labelled, so there is no ambiguity which cable or socket does what, this is done to match the interior design

4. Commissioning

- The final part is programming and customisation of the system to match the individual needs of the system users; lighting and remotes are normally programmed with what was agreed but we allow the changes within a few weeks following your move in to incorporate the feedback; lighting is always subject to setting the “moods” or scenes after an agreed period of use, once you are comfortable with them; only after that we engrave the keypads
- We then train you on the system, so you are comfortable to use and can maximise the potential of your intelligent home
- Before we finish, we deliver full user manual, set of drawings and O&M documentation

5. Support

- As standard, our systems come with 12 months installation warranty, plus we normally give you a 6 or 12 months free of charge support contract, in case you want to change or tweak something
- We then also offer a further maintenance contracts with fixed response time based on Service Level Agreements

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