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London, NW10

Installation: whole house structured cabling, dedicated home cinema, Crestron control system, multi-room audio and video, wired and wireless data network, door entry
Smart Space Group has done a great job delivering the cinema room. From the design planning stage to the actual installation everything was checked, monitored and the end result has been absolutely fantastic.
My lasting impression is that the attention to detail on the design and aesthetic as well as the sound and visual qualities of the actual equipment was at the same level. I think it is really important when you are designing a home and you want it to look fantastic and also want it to function brilliantly. There are companies, I believe, that pay more attention to just the audio-visual side of things without really taking into account how it fits into design ethic of the rest of the environment. That is where I would say Smart Space Group were really brilliant and obviously the service ethic was really up to scratch. I was very happy with efficiency.
The quality of sound and image have just been very exciting actually and something that we can show off to either potential clients or just to our friends that are coming over for a movie night. So there is no need to ever go out again!
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