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Transform any shopping center, recreation facility, sports bar, or hotel into an interactive sports destination with Sports Simulator. Whether you're looking to enhance stadium tours, training sessions, competitions, or simply enjoy indoor sports, our versatile system is a hit year-round. With over 60 sports, 1,500+ game challenges, and access to 3,500+ sporting venues, our multi-sports simulator stands as the most comprehensive globally. Plus, you'll receive free software updates to keep your experience exciting and up to date.

– Single screen or surround screen setup;

– Over 60 sports available to play;

– 3500+ sports stadiums;

– Environments playable Dubai, London, New York, Paris and Riyadh. Habitats Desert, Forest, Polar and Range; Seasonal Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Jurassic;

– Super Speed Cameras operating simultaneously at separate 90-degree angles;

– CMOS sensors captures 1,000 frames per second;

– Infrared light system provides a low-maintenance solution with a lifespan exceeding 50,000 hours

Beside multisport simulator, we can deliver:

– Golf simulator;

– Shooting games simulator;

– Racing simulator;

– Single screen or surround screen setup;

Please contact us for more details and we can propose the right mix of systems for your space.

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